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Applied Instructor Skills (AIS) Training

Applied Instructor Skills (AIS) Training

An Applied Instructor Skills (AIS) Training Opportunity was held August 12, 2017 at the Penn State Worthington-Scranton, PA campus.

The group represented a combined 342 years of experience in training and education, with an estimated combined round trip mileage of 15,126 miles.


342 Years of Training Experience

Photo (left to right): Bob Kennedy (New Haven CT); Howard Forman (Tappan Zee NY); Russ Miller (Greater North  NJ); Joe Shedlawski (Greater North NJ); Chet Frame (instructor, EL Paso TX); Jim Timmons (New Haven CT); Suren Palakkal (Triangle NC); Michael Ford (instructor, NEPA); Don Sheldon (TIER NY); Wout Verwoerd (Netherlands); Eugene O'Gara (PAN PHIL PA).

2017 Student Case Competition

2017 Mid Atlantic District Student Case Competition Results

The APICS Mid Atlantic District hosted its eighth annual student case competition in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 24 and 25, 2017. In November, using “The Fresh Connection” (FTC) web-based value chain simulation, 22 teams from 10 district universities began virtual preliminary competition rounds. The final round included the top five teams presenting to chapter leaders during the Mid Atlantic District meeting. TFC has been experienced by more 10,000 professionals in 500 companies and over 100 universities around the world.

Congratulations to University of Pittsburgh for winning the competition. The team will represent the Mid Atlantic District this October in San Antonio, Texas at the APICS 2017 International Student Case Competition. University of Maryland teams took second and third place.


First Place: University of Pittsburgh L to R: Varun Ajmani, Priyank Khanna, Dr. Parkash Mirchandani (advisor), Anirudh Kothari, Visal Anand


Second Place: University of Maryland L to R: Hailong He, Shuxuan Zhao, Wei Zhang, Weiguang Zeng


Third Place: University of Maryland L to R: Caijun Zhong, Xuejing Sun, Jiahui Wu, Qiuyan Chen




Recap of the October 2016 MAD Meeting

Here is a short recap of the October District Meeting held at the Valley Forge Resort Hotel in King of Prussia PA on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October.  

39 members and student members from 12 professional chapters and 3 student chapters attended the meeting and although attendance was lower than recent meetings we think a contributory factor may have been the late change to the meeting location after our proposed joint meeting with North East District had to be cancelled at short notice. 

Copies of presentations will be posted on the Members section of the MAD website in the near future. 

To get access to the members section follow the instructions below
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3)      In "APICS Mid Atlantic District ID" fill in your APICS Membership Number or the e-mail address from your APICS Membership Profile.
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Friday Night  

This was our annual Carl Stein Student Auction which has the goal of raising funds for prizes for the MAD Case Competition.

The District Team would like to thank the many chapters and individuals who donated items for the auction and all those who supported the auction by bidding successfully or unsuccessfully. 

Thanks also go to the Philadelphia Area Network Chapter for sponsoring hospitality on Friday evening. 

Between the silent auction, the “Chinese” auction, the live auction conducted by Gary Pezzuti and monetary donations from several chapters we are delighted to announce that over $4500 was raised for the competition prize fund. 

Following the conclusion of the auction we discussed the 2017 Case Competition and the pros and cons of using The Fresh Connection simulation versus the “old-style” competition. Various points of view were expressed and when we are deciding on the 2018 competition format we’ll take those views into consideration and also any additional input we receive from chapters, student chapters and student advisers.


After breakfast our morning started with introductions and the formal welcome of first time attendees by Dave Jankowski (Mid-Atlantic District Manager).

Dave gave a brief update on the successful 2016 Conference, over 2000 attendees, and thanked Joni Holeman and the rest of the DC Metro chapter members who had done so much work to support Conference.

He then showed a video about the very successful use of the Principles Program by DuPont to help improve Supply Chain performance in South America, the video features Janice Gullo (Brandywine). 

Dave also introduced Dan DiFilippo, Dan is the current Cleveland Treasurer and is the incoming District Manager whose 2 year term starts January 1st 2017, Dan spoke briefly about his thoughts for the future of the district. 

Josh Meyers (APICS Director of Corporate Development) presented the APICS Update covering Financial Performance, APICS Strategies and Products & Services.

Josh then described the Corporate Development function and its “APICS for Business” role and gave an update on the performance of the team. 

Josh was followed by Joni Holeman (DC Metro Chapter) who discussed the new CLTD program and options for presenting the program, Joni also described her chapter Marketing folder and how DC Metro markets APICS and its education programs to potential customers. She mentioned ways of identifying potential companies or groups chapters could contact and very generously distributed a marketing folder to those requesting one. 

At the APICS 2016 Conference the World Café session featured a video, The Rise, which addresses the question “What does the future of supply chain look like?” and the opportunities for APICS to be a leader by actively engaging with those who will be impacted by the Supply Chain and the focus on technology and data. Dave Jankowski described how the World Café operated and the interactions between the professionals and students, he and others who had been café moderators talked about some of the ideas and questions they had heard and asked meeting attendees for their comments.

Dave then reminded everyone how much work chapter boards had covered during the “lighter” summer months, Chapter Scorecards, Changes to Membership Structure, CLTD, CPA & CBAR Submissions, 2017 Channel Partner Agreement and the upcoming revision to the CPIM Program.

It was confirmed the 2016 – 2017 CBAR program will not change but we can expect revisions for the chapter year beginning July 1st 2017 which will be based on the 2017 Channel Partner Agreement.

After lunch Josh Meyers drew the Cleveland chapter as winner of the MAD Max award, this award goes to a chapter which submitted their chapter report prior to the district meeting and is also in attendance at the district meeting. A $50 gift card was presented to Bob Stoll (Cleveland President).

Following the MAD Max award presentation James Masotti (Princeton South Jersey & MAD Team) and Brad Weaver (North Central Ohio & MAD Team) outlined the timetable, format and scoring for the 2017 Student Case Competition.

It was apparent from the Friday evening discussion that not all student advisers and chapter presidents had received the various Case Competition communications and because of this the deadline for submitting Case Competition entries has been extended to midnight October 31st / November 1st.   

Case Competition information has been resent to advisers and Chapter presidents and is also available on the Student Chapters section of the MAD website.  

Rick Donahue (Lancaster York & MAD Team) described the upcoming changes to the CPIM program and the switch to a 2 module program from the current 5 modules. He explained customer feedback had identified a number of issues with the current format, with time to achieve certification being a major concern.

The revised program will have an expanded BSCM module while the second module will encompass current modules 2 – 5. It is expected an instructor led class will require around 40 hours of class time. 

Timing for release of the 2 module format is still a little fluid but plans are for availability sometime in 2H 2017. The current 5 module format is expected to be available through 2018 and both Rick and Dave encouraged chapters to take this into account when planning their CPIM programs.

Rick mentioned the Thinking Supply Chain Blog and a recent entry about the new CPIM program by Bob Collins which provides information about the impact of the program on those who are currently taking the 5 module program or thinking of starting the 5 module program.

A number of attendees thought Module 5 (Strategic Management of Resources) was a good stand-alone module and were concerned on the possible loss of content if integrated with Modules 2 – 4.  

Following Rick’s session we moved to one of the more popular sessions of our recent meetings, the Round Table discussions, we had 2 x 1 hour sessions and topics and table leaders were as follows:

Membership – James Masotti
Marketing – Brad Weaver
Education – Rick Donahue
MAD in the Future – Dan DiFilippo
APICS Partner Connect – Leann Goettel

Round tables are an opportunity for attendees to gather in small groups and discuss areas of interest.

If there are topics you would like included in the Round Tables at a future MAD meeting please tell someone on the District team and we’ll try to include them. 

Dave Jankowski then closed the meeting by thanking all in attendance and reminding them our next meeting will be February 24-25, at the Embassy Suites in Coraopolis (Pittsburgh), PA. This meeting will feature the final of the 2017 MAD Student Case Competition.

We also plan to offer TTT (Train the Trainer) and possibly LDI (Learning Dynamics for Instructors) at this meeting and if you are interested in either class please contact Leann Goettel ([email protected]).  

(L-R) Dave Jankowski (District Manager) accompanied by first time attendees:
Amy Zhong (University of Maryland)
Evan Radcliffe (York College)
Naomi Tillinger (Philadelphia Area Network Chapter)
Josh Meyers (APICS Director of Corporate Development)
Friday Dinner